Guided yoga practice & workshops online**

Please register in advance for the online classes by clicking the “sign-up”. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the zoom class.

Date Hours Session Note
Wed. 09:00-10:30
Price: 4 classes 80€
Ref: MIT-Y-Nov2020
Level 1-2
in English
Wed. 18:30-20:00
Prices: 7 classes 105€
Ref: MIT-HF-Nov2020
Fortgeschrittene (Level 3-4)
Thu. 17:30-19:00
Price: 8 classes 80€
Ref: IYC-2020
All levels
in English

Single class 25 Euros
– Prices vary due to level & number of participants
– Discounts: -50% for friend / those in need for financial support

Events : special rate (please contact event organizer how to join)

Registration & payment

Registration is completed by bank (registration = payment), please include course reference number on the the transfer
Bank transfer N26 Berlin, Liina Puustinen, IBAN: DE23 1001 1001 2620 8505 48, BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX

Please register 24 hours before the session starts, if you register later refund is not available. In case you have registered many sessions and cancel a one 24 hours before the session, refund is provided.

We wish your participation to the costs of the set-up in order to maintain our standards. Additional donations are most welcomed as there are costs of the online system, equipment etc.

what, when & how
about our online
yoga sessions

We aim to offer high quality interactive online yoga to support your practice during the COVID-19. This is why number of participants is limited.

HOW: Hints how to prepare my yoga space / room

  1. Tell other family members that you are doing your yoga practice, and if they can hold their questions for later.
  2. Please make sure you are in a quiet spot where nobody is disturbing or interrupting you. If your kids want to join you can just put out another yoga mat next to yours and let them copy.
  3. Have your mat, bricks and belt ready. You can improvise with blankets and cushions, and if you don’t have blocks, why not try a pile of books? Or if you know you might need a chair, have it stand by.
  4. Place your device right in front of you on a table or chair, and preferably have another other chair by the other end of the mat, so that you can move it there without having to change the position of your mat, and that you can always see the screen in front of you.
  5. Check that your audio is turned up, that you can hear the teacher.
  6. Please email us before the session if you have any injuries.

HOW: Technical stuff, to do early in advance before

  1. Device (laptop or tablet) ensure your device** has multimedia functions and good internet connection
  2. Install Zoom Program/App on your device secures best connection.
    – Windows: Zoom Client for Meetings
    – Tablet Apple iPad IOS/Android: Zoom Mobile Apps
  3. Test you Zoom set-up
    (if it dosn’t work perhaps restart & repeat above)
  4. Join our session using the zoom link, meeting number and password we provide before session starts

Other tech. resources
– Educational youtube video how to join meeting (dont select virtual background)
– Test your internet connection speed on

We will not be defeated by social distancing! Stay well, and hope to see you soon on the screen.


** = online yoga requires videoconferencing Program/App a laptop/tablet/iPad with multimedia capabilities (video-camera ; and microphone and speakers/headset), good internet connection and web browser. We recommend avoid using smartphone for this as it has too small screen to see the teaching.

page updated 8.11.2020